12401 Orange Drive, #211 Davie, FL 33330 www.barry.edu/office-of-public-guardianNo Fee Provides no cost legal guardianship services to adults of limited financial means who lack the capacity to make decisions on their own behalf and in their best interest. Guardianship is the process of court appointment designed to protect the property and exercise the legal rights of these persons​.

BROWARD COUNTY COURTHOUSE CLERK OF THE COURTS  954-831-6565 201 SE 6 Street Ft Lauderdale, FL 33301
www.browardclerk.org M-F: 8:00am–3:30pm
Services include filing court proceedings; filing and retrieval of documents such as arrests, traffic citations, affidavits, marriage licenses, probate and other court related documents.
Central Regional Courthouse 954-831-5622
201 SW 6 Court #120 Ft Lauderdale, FL 33301
West Building Services:
Passport application & photos; family law (divorce, child support & paternity); domestic violence & restraining orders; foreclosures; probate, wills, guardianship & mental health; traffic & misdemeanor; small claims; evictions; human resources.
East Building Services:
Felony criminal court; jury administration.
Mid Rise Building Services:
Child support depository; marriage licenses & ceremonies.
North Regional Courthouse 954-831-1209
1600 W Hillsboro Blvd #100 Deerfield Beach, FL 33442 Services: Traffic & misdemeanor; county civil services; passport applications & photos; marriage licenses & ceremonies; circuit civil
& probate filings.
South Regional Courthouse 954-831-0353 3550 Hollywood Blvd #170 Hollywood, FL 33021
Services: Traffic & misdemeanor; county civil services; passport applications & photos; marriage licenses & ceremonies; circuit civil
& probate filings.
West Regional Courthouse 954-831-2339 
100 N Pine Island Road #160 Plantation, FL 33324 Services: Traffic & misdemeanor; county civil services; passport applications & photos; marriage licenses & ceremonies; circuit civil
& probate filings.
Court divisions are listed under: Florida (State of) 17th Judicial Circuit Court

BROWARD REENTRY COALITION 954-868-7532 4200 NW 16th Street Lauderhill, FL 33313 No Fee 24/7

An alliance of social service providers and government agencies that offer support and assistance to ex-offenders during incarceration and after release including employment, housing, identification, and healthcare.

BROWARD SHERIFF’S OFFICE (B.S.0.) 954-831-8900 2601 W. Broward Blvd. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33311 www.sheriff.org

Provides law enforcement and fire rescue services for unincorporated areas of Broward County as well as municipalities that have contracted for these services and the Ft Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Port Everglades and the Broward County Courthouse. District offices are located throughout the county.

Child Protective Investigative Svcs954-797-5299 Investigates allegations of child abuse, neglect or abandonment. Youth & Special Needs Services 954-321-4100 Targets youth & special needs population.

Police Athletic League (PAL) provides youth an opportunity to stay out of trouble by participating in sports and other activities after school or during the summer.

Law Enforcement Explorers Offers teens and young adults the opportunity to learn and experience lawful citizenship by participating side-by-side with certified BSO deputies in ongoing training and community service projects.

Fire Rescue Explorers 954-831-8200 Provides high school students with practical training and experience through education, community involvement, and public service.

Juvenile Firesetter Prevention & Intervention Program 954-831-8210 Provides prevention and intervention through specialized fire safety education for youth, 2-17 years, targeting at-risk youth with an interest in, or a history of starting fires, initiating bomb threats, creating destructive incendiary devices or pulling fire alarms.

Neighborhood Services 954-321-4100 Provides services directly related to local neighborhoods including Citizens on Patrol, Crime Prevention Unit, Sheriff's Posse, Poll Deputy Unit and Parking Enforcement.

Juvenile Assessment Center 954-761-2641 2600 SW 4th Avenue Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315 Manages the centralized juvenile drop-off point for deputies and law enforcement officers where assessment and case management services are provided to at-risk youth.

Department of Community Programs 954-375-6180 4200 NW 16th Street Lauderhill, FL 33313 Administration for in-custody and community-based offender programs.

In-Custody Behavioral Services 954-831-0248 Provides mental health and substance abuse counseling to persons either incarcerated in the county jail or involved with the 17th Judicial Circuit’s Drug Court. Persons receiving services from the Broward Sheriff’s Office are referred to community providers for additional and/or ongoing services upon release from jail while receiving outpatient treatment and in preparation of discharge.

Day Reporting & Reentry Division 954-831-5311 Provides support for a successful transition and monitoring to prevent recidivism for the reintegration of offenders back into the community following release from jail.

Drug Court Treatment Program 954-497-3610 Offers an alternative to traditional incarceration for criminal offenders who are charged with the purchase or possession of a controlled substance and/or other substance abuse related offense.

Victim Services Unit 954-321-4122 Offers assistance for the victims and witnesses of crimes through established advocacy policies and by providing the necessary notification. 

DEPARTMENT OF JUVENILE JUSTICE (D.J.J.) 954-497-2873 2928-A N. State Road 7 Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33313 www.djj.state.fl.us Oversees detention, prevention & victims, and residential services for youth.

Probation and Community Intervention Youth, under 18 years, charged with a crime in Florida are referred to DJJ. A referral is similar to an arrest in the adult criminal justice system. DJJ provides a recommendation to the State Attorney and the Court regarding appropriate sanctions and services for the youth. When making recommendations, DJJ has two options:

Diversion Offers programs that are alternatives to the formal juvenile justice system for youth who have been charged with a minor crime. Diversion programs employ non-judicial sanctions including restitution to victim(s), community service hours, letter of apology to victim(s), curfew, forfeiture of driver’s license, encouragement to avoid contact with co-defendants, friends, or acquaintances deemed to be inappropriate associations, referrals to local social service agencies, and substance abuse or mental health counseling.

Probation Court-ordered sanctions and services are overseen by an assigned juvenile probation officer who monitors compliance and helps the youth connect with service providers. If the youth does not comply with probation, is charged with a serious crime, or has a significant history of offenses, the youth may be ordered to live in a residential facility for a period of time. After discharge from the facility, the youth is usually placed on Conditional Release (much like parole in the adult criminal justice system) that provides monitoring and services while transitioning back to the community after being in a residential program.

Juvenile Detention Center 954-467-4563 222 NW 22nd Avenue Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33311 Secure facility that serves youth detained pending adjudication, disposition or placement in commitment facility. Services include education, mental health, substance abuse treatment, and health care.

Prevention and Victims Services Provides contracted delinquency prevention programs that address specific problems and provide interventions for at-risk youth and their families to reduce juvenile crime and protect public safety. Programs target high-risk juveniles and those who exhibit problem behaviors such as ungovernability, truancy, running away from home and other pre-delinquent behaviors.

Residential Services Contracts to provide residential programs for juvenile offenders.

Broward Girls Academy 954-322-6500 Residential program for low and moderate risk girls, 14-19 years, who are committed to DJJ after being assessed and classified as a moderate risk with serious to severe mental disturbance. Services include mental health group, individual and family counseling. Education servicesare provided by the Broward County Schools.

Pompano Substance Abuse 954-956-5615 Treatment Center Staff-secured substance abuse treatment program for moderate risk boys, 13-18 years. Uses evidence-based curriculum and treatment with an integrated education program provided by the Broward County Schools. Also offers a culinary arts vocational program. Basic medical services are provided onsite.

Thompson Academy 954-967-6300 Residential program for youth, 13-18 years, who are committed to DJJ after being assessed and classified as moderate-risk to public safety. Utilizes a community therapeutic model and has a full-time medical department and the on-site educational program provided by Broward County School System.

Juvenile Assessment Center 954-467-4600 2600 SW 4th Avenue Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315 Provides screening of youth offenders.

FLORIDA (STATE OF) 17TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT COURT 954-831-7740201 SE 6th Street Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301www.17th.flcourts.org

Misdemeanor Drug Court 954-831-3576 Offers voluntary program for adults 18+ years that includes working with the court, treatment and supervision team. Charges will not be prosecuted in exchange for the offender's compliance with the conditions of the program and successful graduation. Eligible offenses include possession of cannabis, and/or possession of drug paraphernalia. Other non-violent misdemeanor crimes where there is a substance abuse issue are also eligible.

Misdemeanor Mental Health Court 954-831-7240 Specialized docket for non-violent misdemeanor defendants with serious mental illness or mental disability that offers an opportunity to participate in court-supervised treatment in lieu of the traditional criminal justice system. Accepts defendants with prior convictions; DUI or domestic violence cases are not accepted.

Felony Mental Health Court 954-831-7805 Specialized docket for felony defendants with severe and persistent mental illness, those who have been declared incompetent to proceed or those not guilty by reason of insanity that offers treatment at a forensic hospital for competency restoration or a conditional release plan with a probation officer.

Juvenile Division 954-831-6492

Unified Family Court Case Mgmt. 954-831-8532 Provides case management for domestic violence, domestic relations, dependency and delinquency cases.

Community Justice Alternatives 954-831-7752 Offers mediation for neighborhood disputes including conflicts between children.

Court Mediation & Arbitration 954-831-6076 Preserves the parental relationships before, during and after divorce by helping parents constructively and amicably resolve conflicts concerning children. These resolutions are formalized in a written agreement and may be made an order of the court if requested.

Teen Court 954-831-7600 Offers an alternative to formal juvenile court proceedings for youth 11-17 years. Uses positive peer pressure, counseling, referral, community service, and other interventions. Must be referred by the State Attorney's office or local police department.

HARMONY DEVELOPMENT CENTER 954-766-4483 12233 SW 55th Street, #801 Cooper City, FL 33330 www.harmonydevelopmentcenter.org

 Provides prevention and alternative diversion program for at-risk youth, 11-17 years who commit non-serious delinquent acts, to ensure swift and appropriate progress in their behavior.

HISPANIC UNITY OF FLORIDA 954-964-8884 840 Johnson Street Hollywood, FL 33021 www.hispanicunity.org No Fee Spanish, Telephone for Hearing Impaired M-F: 8:00am - 5:00pm Provides services to ease the cultural transition for newcomers from other nations. Provides education including ESOL classes, employment, economic development, health services, civic engagement, and basic legal assistance. Certified application counselors and navigators are available to assist with enrollment in the Affordable Care Act Marketplace insurance. Unity 4 Kids Provides licensed dual-language preschool that prepares children for academic and social success in kindergarten.

LAW OFFICE OF THE PUBLIC DEFENDER 954-831-8650  201 SE 6th Street, Room 3872 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301 www.browarddefender.org Provides legal representation for defendants responding to criminal charges, who otherwise would be unable to afford a lawyer.  

LEGAL AID SERVICES 954-765-8950 491 N. State Road 7 Plantation, FL 33317 www.browardlegalaid.org No Fee Spanish, French, Creole M-F: 9:00am- 5:00pm Provides free civil legal services to financially eligible clients on issues of children's advocacy, consumers, environmental, homeless, housing, immigration, tax clinic, HIV/AIDS, human rights, and Mission United Veterans project.

MONARCH CARE (formerly CareSource) 954-720-2485 7071 W. Commercial Blvd., #2-D Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33319 www.monarchcare.org Sliding Scale Spanish M-F: 9:00am - 5:00pm Provides legal guardianship, trustee services, and case management for children, elderly, persons with mental illness or persons with physical/ developmental disabilities who need short-term intervention or lifetime continuous care. Assists individuals who have difficulty with daily needs due to declining physical health and/or cognitive function. Offers money management services for individuals who can no longer manage their personal monetary affairs due to age or disability. Provides support services for persons who serve as legal guardians of family or friends.

STATE ATTORNEY'S OFFICE 954-831-6955 201 SE 6th Street Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301 www.sao17.state.fl.usVictim Advocate Unit 954-765-4133 Assists crime victims to understand and navigate the criminal justice system by providing case-specific information, resource and referral information (including help with crime victim compensation and restitution), crisis and supportive counseling, safety planning, courtroom orientation, and courtroom accompaniment. Truancy Intervention Unit 954-831-8592 Provides intervention with the parent or guardian of a truant child to place the youth back in school. Works in partnership with schools to intervene when unexcused absences continue after a school worker has attempted to work with the family. Also monitors truant children who are under the supervision of the Department of Juvenile Justice.

Domestic Violence Unit 954-831-7978 Assists victims of domestic violence who are attempting to escape from actual or threatened violence through relocation. Participants are provided with an address designated by the Office of the Attorney General as a substitute mailing address in order to prevent their assailant from finding them. Also issues injunctions of protection.

Misdemeanor Diversion Program 954-357-5900 Diversion program that affords first-time offenders an opportunity to immediately accept responsibility for their actions, seek rehabilitation and divert their cases from the criminal court system.

Broward Senior Intervention and Education Program954-831-5785 Diversion program that handles the special needs of elderly defendants, 60+ years.

  • Homicide Unit 954-831-7922
  • Public Corruption Unit 954-831-7487
  • Economic Crime Unit 954-831-7206
  • Elderly Abuse Unit 954-831-8525
  • Sex Crime / Child Abuse Unit 954-831-6933
  • Career Criminal Unit 954-831-7990 

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